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How is a Fireplace Blower Kit Wired?

Posted by Jason Baker on Feb 20th 2021

How is a Fireplace Blower Kit Wired?

While application specific fan kit wiring varies significantly based on make, model and the blower being used, we can break down most fireplace blower kits into three simple illustrations.  Always be sure to reference your owner's manual and the installation instructions provided with your fireplace blower kit.  If you have questions regarding your installation, please contact us directly for addition information.

Power Cord to Blower Only

Here you'll see three wires from the power cord attached directly to the blower.  The power cord's three wires are typically white, black and green.  The white and black wires attach directly to blower's motor.  The blower will either have male spade terminals, as seen pictured below, or pigtail wire leads with male spade connectors.  If the power cord is 3-prong, it will have a green ground wire.  The ground wire is attached to the blower's chassis.  It's not uncommon for the power cord's ground wire to have a ring terminal, which attaches directly to the blower's chassis.  If the power cord is 2-prong and non-grounded, no ground wire will be present.

fireplace blower kit with power cord only

Thermostat Sensor or Rheostat Only

When a thermostat or rheostat is added, they will be wired inline with one power cord lead, which is then attached to the blower's motor.  In the illustration below, you'll see that the power cord's main black power wire is attached directly to the blower's motor.  As usual, the green ground wire is attached to the blower's chassis.  The neutral white wire; however, attaches directly to the thermostat sensor first.  The trailing thermostat lead then attaches to the blower's remaining motor terminal.

fireplace blower kit with thermostat or speed controller only

Thermostat Sensor & Rheostat

In a multi-controller scenario, both the thermostat sensor and speed controller are wired inline together.  The speed controller may have it's own black and white wires, but don't let that confuse you.  As the illustration highlights below, both controllers are wired inline between the power cord and motor.  The ground wire and main power wire still continued to connector directly to the blower's chassis and motor respectively.

fireplace blower kit with thermostat sensor switch and rheostat variable speed controller

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