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25-PAF Pellet Furnace0

Pellet furnace.

25-PAF Pellet Furnace

Pellet stove


Pellet stove


Cambridge pellet stove

Destination 1.5-I Wood Insert1

Destination 1.5-I wood insert

Destination 1.5-I Wood Insert
Destination 1.6 Wood Stove1

Destination 1.6 wood stove

Destination 1.6 Wood Stove
Destination 2.3 Wood Stove1

Destination 2.3 wood stove

Destination 2.3 Wood Stove
Destination 2.3-I Wood Insert0

Destination 2.3-I wood insert

Destination 2.3-I Wood Insert
Destination 2.7-I Wood Insert1

Destination 2.7-I wood insert

Destination 2.7-I Wood Insert

Pellet stove


Model EP00055 pellet stove.


Other models or variations of this model may not be listed, so be sure to consult with your owner's manual before purchasing.    


  • Eurostar (EP00050)

Pellet stove

Harmony 2.3 Wood Stove1

Harmony 2.3 wood stove

Harmony 2.3 Wood Stove
Solution 1.3 Wood Stove1

Solution 1.3 wood stove

  • Serial numbers #300 and above
Solution 1.3 Wood Stove
Solution 1.6 Wood Stove1

Solution 1.6 wood stove

  • Serial #611-2679
  • EB00017 Serial # 3461 & above
Solution 1.6 Wood Stove
Solution 1.7 Wood Stove1

Solution 1.7 wood stove

Solution 1.7 Wood Stove
Solution 1.7-I Wood Insert1

Solution 1.7-I wood insert

Solution 1.7-I Wood Insert
Solution 1.8 Wood Stove1

Solution 1.8 wood stove

Solution 1.8 Wood Stove
Solution 1.8-I Wood Insert1

Solution 1.8-I wood insert

Solution 1.8-I Wood Insert
Solution 2.0-I Wood Insert1

Solution 2.0-I wood insert

Solution 2.0-I Wood Insert
Solution 2.3 Wood Stove1

Solution 2.3 wood stove

  • EB00012
Solution 2.3 Wood Stove
Solution 2.3-I Wood Insert1

Solution 2.3-I wood insert

Solution 2.3-I Wood Insert
Solution 2.5-ZC Wood Fireplace1

Solution 2.5-ZC wood fireplace

Solution 2.5-ZC Wood Fireplace
Solution 2.9 Wood Stove1

Solution 2.9 wood stove

Solution 2.9 Wood Stove
Solution 3.3 Wood Stove1

Solution 3.3 wood stove

Solution 3.3 Wood Stove
Solution 3.4 Wood Stove1

Solution 3.4 wood stove

Solution 3.4 Wood Stove
Solution 3.5 Wood Stove1

Solution 3.5 wood stove

Solution 3.5 Wood Stove
Solution 3.5-I Wood Insert1

Solution 3.5-I wood insert

Solution 3.5-I Wood Insert

Need help finding the correct blower or fan kit for your fireplace? Let our experts help you track down the correct replacement blower, fan kit or part for your application. We typically only need the fireplace or stove's make and model to determine exactly what you need. This information can usually be found on gas fireplaces by removing the lower access panel and finding your fireplace's name tag or identificaton card. Wood inserts will often times have the same identificaton card, while freestanding stoves and others might have this information printed on a rear panel or door.

Once you've located your fireplace's brand and model information, simply use the Find Your Blower tool above, or the Help Find My Blower at the top of the page.

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