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About Us

Who Are We?

Located in Racine, Wisconsin on the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan, is a premier online retailer of professional quality aftermarket fireplace blowers, fan kits and blower accessories. We're a family owned and operated business, so our mission is a simple recipe that consists of only a few ingredients.  Uncompromising customer service, quality products and affordable prices.  


Founded in 2007 by Terry Baker, Jim Baker, Jason Baker and Charlie Maragos, is the first eCommerce platform specifically designed and developed to meet a growing industry demand for quality and reasonably priced fireplace blower and fan kit solutions. Leveraging our more than 40 year background in product manufacturing, we quickly became an industry leader in a niche market that was desperate for quality aftermarket solutions.

Superior Quality

Let's be honest, in an era of cheap knock offs and inferior product design, quality still matters!  Through our countless hours of product research, design and development, we've continued to push the industry envelope, not only from our own team, but also from our trusted suppliers and strategic partners. Their commitment to quality and excellence matters just as much as it does from us, and it's only because of this mutual commitment to quality that we truly believe in the products we manufacture and sell.

The Absolute Best Customer Service!

Even in an age of digital secretaries and offshore call centers, we continue to be firm believers in the art of true customer service. Everything we do is in an effort to provide our customers with a truly unique buying experience. When you call us, there's a good chance you'll speak with an owner and we're available on weekends during the Fall and Winter months.  We reply to ALL customer emails, can walk you through installations, answer technical questions and we support the products we sell with no exceptions!

Our Team Members

Jim Baker, Owner & Co-Founder

With more than 40 years of product manufacturing experience, Jim played a pivotal role in the company's founding in 2007.  As a former operations execute with Electrical Assemblies in Racine, Wisconsin, Jim's rich history in manufacturing has helped become a leading expert in fireplace blower and fan kit assembly and repair.

Jason Baker, Owner & Co-Founder

As a former software development insider and eCommerce specialist, Jason has been instrumental in developing our platform and helping us to scale our eCommerce operations.  Jason has an undergraduate degree in Management Information Systems from UW-Milwaukee and a MBA from Cardinal Stritch university.  

Terry Baker, Co-Founder

Although he's retired from the blower game, it would be remiss of us not to mention Terry and his role in the company. He was the company's original co-founder and still owns Eddy Products, a Racine, Wisconsin based manufacturing business specializing in professional grade heat guns. Terry is the guy you'll often see in our YouTube videos, so he's become somewhat well-known for being "the guy in the videos".  Terry still roams the shop floor now and again, but enjoys his free time fishing and taking long naps. 

Kim Toutant, Operations

Kim is without question the soul of our company. She leads our production, packaging and quality assurance team and has nearly 40 years of experience in manufacturing and assembly.  

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