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  • Recent Order

    Posted by Mike A. on 02/18/2024

    To fireplace blowers online, A quick email to let you know how happy I am with the blower I ordered online. I received the blower in the mail in record time, I installed it in less than five minutes and boom, back in business. The packaging for the blower was amazing, I have not seen something that well packaged while paying hundreds of dollars more for the item. Thank you for your business and I will surely be ordering another blower hopefully not in the near future. Thank you Mike A. Lake, Mills, Wisconsin

  • You folks are all Rock Stars in my Book of Life … Bless You

    Posted by Frank T. on 11/22/2023

    I've been using fireplaces for over 50 years. Retired as a 30 year veteran who lived all over the U.S. and overseas and always loved my fireplaces. We now live in the great Northwest with mountains, and an abundance of wood to burn. Having used both gas and wood … I love the joy of burning different types of wood. Over the years - I learned the basics of fireplace maintenance and used a lot of supply and parts maintenance. One of the things that I quickly learned is a practical definition of quality and customer care. I can’t tell you the number of times I went for the low price or fancy advertising … and regretted it in the end. Some years ago, I paid way too much for a fan blower that I could not get to work. The original supplier was useless in terms of sorting out why I was having problems leaving my only option to fight with a broken delivery system to get another. Out of pure frustration, I cruised the internet for assistance and found a few videos done by this small business in Racine, Wisconsin. They seemed very knowledgeable and actually conveyed that they have a passion for fireplace fans - I thought why not contact them. It was amazing - and they actually called me back. I was immediately impressed… and then quite frankly blown away when they called and walked me through what might be the issue using phone picture and video capabilities. Here is the point … it was not even their product but they were curious as to why it wasn’t working and THEY CARED. In short, the issue was quickly resolved and my family got to enjoy family time in front of a fully functional fireplace. Well - it didn’t take long but that fan died (check out their videos on why you should use fans with real roller bearings and not bushings) so guess who I contacted. They remembered me and very quickly got me a new fan that would get me through the heating season. Amazing that they even checked in because of a problem I had previously with the functionality of the speed controller and heat disk (many sellers don’t even point out that if you want variable speed versus selected hi/lo you’ve got to build it in). Anyway, these folks made it a simple plug and play installation. That brings me to today. I just got contacted by FedEx that an overnight delivery will be here shortly - TOMORROW is Thanksgiving Day. One of my things to be very thankful for is the people at

    As you may have guessed, I was supposed to get a new fan blower into the fireplace. The past “fix” was okay but we wanted a fan that took full advantage of the fireplace capabilities and as luck would have it, the manufacturer quit making this particular model. My job was to find a new fan and get it fixed in the summer or early fall. Unfortunately, my wife and I both got seriously ill and forgot about fireplace maintenance. On the 15th of November 2023 after celebrating good health … we were getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving Day and realized that we had not fixed the fireplace. Hours of desperate calls came up with zero - the fan was out of production and no one would be able to help us. Knowing that it was mission impossible we went to the

    Amazingly - we got a response! They got bruised by the pandemic and international competition but they were still there … same attitude of customer and quality! Yes, they could help by reconfiguring a fan they had designed for my out of production fireplace. I saw light at the end of the tunnel … but could they do this and get it in my fireplace by Wednesday evening … from Wisconsin to Washington State??? There rightfully was a pause in the conversation but ultimately their “can do” spirit shined through and they said they’d “try their very best” and with many texts, emails, and phone calls … I don’t know how … but they got it done. I have absolutely no doubt that when the FedEx folks show up at my door … I’ll be operational today. Thank you hardly seems enough for Jason, Jim, Terry and the others that have helped me over the years at this amazing small business … that survived the pandemic and cares about fireplace blowers !!! In short, you pay for what you get and these folks deliver in spades in terms of quality and customer value.

    One of the YouTube Videos worth watching on blower quality:

    Here is the video I watched after getting burned by an eBay special:

    I just took a peek on YouTube and found that I’m not the only customer that likes these folks:

  • Pacific Energy WODC.BLOW Blower Assembly

    Posted by Don D. on 05/30/2021

    Jason was super helpful! It is great to see a young fellow like this carrying on for his family!

  • Fireplacex/travis industries

    Posted by Joe C. on 07/16/2020

    FYI you were only 1 of 2 from 9 queries, I will definitely have you on top of my list to call back, again thanks for your help.

  • FBK-200 Blower Kit

    Posted by Benjamin on 06/15/2020

    With Terry's great instructional videos and information on the internet, I researched and decided to buy/install the FBK-200. Great price for a quality blower, but the best part was the install... it was very easy after watching the videos. At one point, I was confusing myself by looking at the contractor instructions, so I called Terry and he was kind enough to take my call (during a time I presumed would be after hours) and answer my question. I was up and running shortly thereafter. The heat disbursement with a blower is so much better than without and the variable speed control is great.

  • GFK-160 Replacement Blower

    Posted by Matt on 06/05/2020

    Just wanted to follow up with regards to the blower that was purchased in October. The blower installed with no issues and is working very well, quieter and blows more air than the original. Thanks again for your support my wife was happy getting the fireplace working properly again. Happy Holidays!

  • Blower kit

    Posted by Satisfied Customer on 05/23/2020

    The HVAC contractors were going to charge me $99 just to come check my inoperative fireplace blower, and the there would have been parts and labour. I decided to see what the internet had to offer. Thanks to your site, I found exactly what I needed. It shipped fast (to Canada), works perfectly, and all for less than the cost of a service call. I don't know if I have ever given feedback for an online purchase, but had to let you know how fast and easy you made it. Thanks

  • Customer Service

    Posted by Ricky on 05/10/2020

    I called recently about replacing my current fan with one of yours. Well the gentleman on the phone tells me I really don't need a replacement just to make an adjustment on my unit. He gave me the info needed to do the adjustment and was extremely helpful! I was like,,,Hey!!! You realize I am a potential buyer!!! He still insisted I try this first. Well it worked, an my fireplace is working very well now! And I must say I am not currently a customer but when my fan goes out you can bet you will hear from me. So although you didn't get a sale today, you have a future customer that will only buy from Fireplaceblowersonline! Thanks very much for your help and I will be in touch in the future!

  • GFK-160 Blower Kit

    Posted by Mark on 05/03/2020

    I recently purchased a GFK-160 from your company. The item arrived in a very timely manner. I watch the associated installation video and installed my fan in about 10 minutes. it works like a champ!!!! I just wanted to say thank you for selling a product that fits, works and a company that offers support in needed. Keep up the GREAT work!

  • Fireplace blower

    Posted by Pat F. on 04/11/2020

    Good morning, I purchased a blower this past winter from your company. Now that the cold days are behind us, here are my views on this blower: The rate of speed at which it warms my house is amazing, I have 1700sq home, and the house heats up in approximately 30 minute (60F to 70F). It works very well, I have speed adjusted at 50%. The con: the constant fan blowing can be a tad annoying when you’re watching TV, but that is to be expected. We just have to turn the volume up a bit. Other than that, I love your product and I would recommend your company to others. Thank you very much!

  • GFK4 blower kit purchase

    Posted by Carla on 04/03/2020

    Thanks so much for the 5% refund! Every bit counts. I can't wait to install our new blower! Thanks for the YouTube videos you have made. It made buying a lot easier.

  • Thank you!!

    Posted by Meg on 03/29/2020

    I received the GFK4 kit today!!! I just finished installing! After a few scrapes to get it behind the gas line and "junk," it works! the kids are thrilled as it is going to keep us quite cozy with the Thanksgiving snow we are about to get! I have had a successful week of replacing a part on my dishwasher and this project! Thanks for your instructional video! Thank you and I will highly recommend your company to the rest of our development that did not get blowers with their fireplaces!

  • Order #XXXX (11/29/19)

    Posted by Dennis S. on 03/17/2020

    We LOVE our blower!!! Today, after using the fireplace and shutting off the burner, after 2-3 hours the blower was still running, even though there was no heat. I had to shut off the speed switch to stop the blower. Can you advise me as to how to correct this problem? We also bought a unit for our son for a Christmas present, and he loves his too. Your company has been so helpful and responsive, and I have recommended you to friends. Thanks for your assistance.

  • To Jason

    Posted by Brian on 03/01/2020

    Hi Jason, one more thing - let me know what I can do to give you and your company proper credit for your great support. I posted a review on Facebook, but if there is anything else I can do, let me know. I've noticed a significant lack of good support from companies over the past several years (more interested in making money than really making people happy/satisfied with their products). Your company is clearly different, and I'd like to make sure that people recognize that and other companies emulate that. You have no idea how much your quick response and willingness to help me use your product effectively means to me. I hope anyone that needs a fireplace blower will get one from you guys (for their sake and yours)! Keep up the great work, and let me know what I can do to spread the word.

  • Thanks

    Posted by Steve on 02/21/2020

    Please accept my thanks for your great product, ease of installation and great customer service. I called last Saturday and Terry took the time to speak with me, explain the best blower and made sure I was comfortable with what he recommended. The product was shipped on time, arrived quickly and took all of 10 minutes to install. It is now running, putting out great heat and we are looking to using it for a long time to come. I'm really glad I found you online and want hesitate to recommend you when I can.

  • Blower for Lennox EBVSTNE

    Posted by Kevin on 02/18/2020

    Thank you for getting back to me. I must assume that since the website states this is a company based in Wisconsin, that you yourself are in Wisconsin, so on behalf of all potential fake fireplace blower purchasers, thank you for your dedication to customer service into the wee hours of the night.

  • GFK4 Blower Kit Purchase

    Posted by Darren on 02/12/2020

    Just to let you know...... we purchased the house with the gas fireplace a year ago. My wife and wanted to get a blower and found your video online! It was as easy to install as you demonstrated! LOVE YOUR PRODUCT AND SUPPORT!!!!!!!! Now..... to have the right glass cleaner we will be set THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!!

  • Blower Purchase

    Posted by Howie. on 02/02/2020

    Just wanted to leave you a note that I purchased one of your blowers and was blown away (no pun intended!) by the quality of the blower assembly and the ease of installation. The fast shipping was a bonus! Thanks for what you do. Buying online is sometimes a crapshoot. Not so with your business. Keep it up!

  • GFK4 Blower Kit

    Posted by Pet on 01/23/2020

    Hi, Just wanted to say thank you for the help on the phone, super fast delivery, and how to install videos. After watching the video it took 1 minute to install (no kidding)! Appreciate the great service and product!

  • GFK-160 Blower Kit

    Posted by Jay on 01/18/2020

    Hey, Jason. I just wanted to get back to you on my recent order. I received it on time and it was very well packaged. It took me literally 5 minutes to install and now we can use our fireplace as something more than a decorative item in our family room. But above all that, I was INCREDIBLY impressed with the fact that you guys threw in the 3-prong converter that I had asked about (see below). I was blown away by that kind of attention to detail and thoughtfulness about your customers. I can't say enough great things about your company and your customer service. It's nice to see that some companies still care. I wish your company continued success. Thanks again.

  • Pictures Requested

    Posted by Dennis J. on 01/16/2020

    Jason, Thank you so much for all your help. I really wish you would have had the exact blower that I need because it seems unfair that you did all the work but didn't make the sale. With that said, thanks for being so honest with me and directing me to one of your competitors. That honesty seems to be very hard to find any more.

  • GFK-160 Blower Kit

    Posted by Jay on 01/10/2020

    You guys are THE BEST at getting back to customers! Thanks for looking into it. I'm submitting my order now. And you're right - I've been looking for a week and no one touches your price. Much appreciated.

  • GFK-160 Blower Kit

    Posted by John on 01/03/2020

    It was a snap to install and we're pleased at how quiet it is. We are enjoying our fire place so much more. Thanks for your prompt delivery.

  • FBK-100 Blower Kit

    Posted by Mark on 12/20/2019

    I ordered the FBK-100 on Wednesday, you promised three day delivery, but I got two days later! It was installed within 30 minutes and works great! The assistance over the phone was excellent. Thank You!!!!

  • Customer Service

    Posted by Tony on 12/14/2019

    Thanks again. You guys at are the best!

  • Speed control thermal switch

    Posted by Jeffrey on 12/07/2019

    Just wanted to let you know that I got the replacement parts in the mail. I installed the speed control 1st, sure enough that was the culprit. If you would like me too, I ll return the thermal switch and the defective speed control. Also it's a pleasure to do business with your company, So often it's been my experience that companies don't take responsibility for problems, without hesitation you took care of my problem . Thank you and kudo's to you.

  • FBK-250 Blower Kit Purchase

    Posted by Lawrence on 12/01/2019

    Hi, I received my order for a FBK250 kit last week. I watc hed the video and read the instructions. I had the blower installed and running in less than 15 minutes. Part of that time was vacuming the fireplace before installing the blower. If I had another fireplace, I would have no hesitation in buying another blower from you. Thanks for all!

  • just gave you a plug on amazon

    Posted by Rob on 11/30/2019

    I watched your great video and then ordered the crappy Amazon blower... but wrote a review and told people they should come to you. Great videos and really impressed with your knowledge of fireplace blowers.

  • Pleased New Customer

    Posted by Chandler B. on 11/29/2019

    Just wanted to thank you for all your help and to let you know the blower is perfect. I wish I could leave a review on your website but I cant. You would get 5 stars!!

  • Replacement Fan

    Posted by Diane D. on 11/29/2019

    After three helpful emails, FBO helped me chose the GFK-60 fan kit. It arrived in superb packaging. I had already viewed an installation video online, but with all the wiring ready to go, I could have done the install without any help. In less than 10 minutes I was throwing the shipping box in the trash. The fan and controls work exactly as advertised. I’m running at 2/3 speed and have plenty of hot air movement coming in to our living area. So much better than with no fan. Noise is acceptable and easily adjusted. The price is very reasonable. Thanks guys!

  • What a team! What a product!

    Posted by Jeff L. on 11/13/2019

    Dear Fireplace Blowers Online Team, What a refreshing experience! In today's world of online purchasing, customer service is a cruel joke. Often there is no easy way to make contact with the provider or they've outsourced their "customer service" to those who are unbelievably difficult to communicate with. And frankly, they don't even know their products. And when it comes to quality, too often manufacturers are racing to the basement to produce the most suspect and frankly unreliable junk to say they have the lowest price. Whatever happened to value and pride in product? You good folks are actually better than advertised. In response to my email , I got an actual call back (and on a weekend). You listened to my dilemma about my no longer manufactured fireplace and broken blower. Even though your website didn't list a replacement for my unit, you able to recommend a perfect replacement and then you added icing to the cake. By that I mean a blower came standard with thermostatic control. It now starts and stops automatically. In addition, upon learning I have a wall switch that can turn my blower on and off, you provided me a compatible rheostat (some call it a dimmer switch) that I can conveniently vary the speed of the blower. No more getting down on my hands and knees to open the lower unit and choose low or high on the original blower. I can now choose any speed in between. You did all this at no extra charge! My custom order arrived in very short order and the packaging was superb. I had no concerns about installing everything myself because of your website videos and I was certain I could call you to resolve any issue that might come up. The install turned out to be so easy, I never had to make that call. And what an obviously high quality product compared to the blower I removed. There were smooth quiet bearings instead of squealing bushings. You also powder coat your blowers instead of using paint and these are just two of the things that rev up your quality. We enjoy a much quieter blower now and it certainly seems more powerful to boot. Keep up the great work and thanks for making this in the USA!

  • Wow!!! What a GREAT Company!!!!!

    Posted by Timothy B. on 11/7/2019

    Greetings, Last Friday (11/01/2019), I ordered a GFK-160-A blower motor for the fireplace in my condo. It arrived on Wednesday November 6, one day earlier than estimated. Thanks to the excellent YOUTUBE videos featuring Terry, and some words of encouragement from Jim, the young man who returned my call last Friday and answered some questions I had prior to ordering, I was able to install the unit myself . . . in less than 42 seconds. I couldn't believe it!!!! I explained to Jim when he returned my call that I am not very handy at home projects. However, he assured me that if I followed the instructions, (and provided my fireplace had 4 1/2" of clearance) I would be able to install the blower myself. He was right. The blower slipped right in the opening and with a few tilts and turns, it was up against the back of my fireplace in seconds. As to Terry's videos, here is why they are so great. He explains everything from the location of the heat sensor when the unit is removed from its shipping box, to the possible need to reinstall one of the rubber "feet." He explains it without using industry terms. He explains it as if he were talking to a pre-schooler ... and that's a good thing! Thank you so much. I can now look forward to a Michigan winter of sitting in front of a warm fireplace and sipping a cold adult beverage. Timothy L. Baumann, Attorney at Law

  • No Subject

    Posted by George H. on 10/17/2019

    Jim, it is working great! Thanks!! you have a link, and I will do a good review for your store?

  • Blower motors for Lopi Answer Stove

    Posted by Robert M. on 03/16/2019

    I want to thank you for the great product you make. I have had to purchase two blowers over the past 20 years for my woodstove. The last blower was 8 years old, when the bearings went on it this year. My wife claims I do not get rid of anything, because I still have both blowers. I priced a new blower and had sticker shock. I saw your video on the internet, where you replaced the blower motors. So I went and disassembled one of my blowers, it was easy. I order the right and left blower motor from your company. I installed them and put the blower on my woodstove. It works better than the original Lopi blower. It is more powerful and it is quieter and I saved abut $150.00. I like that you use metal fans, the fans on the Lopi blowers are plastic and both of them had cracked and melted fins. You have a great product, that is well made and excellent quality. My son is buying a Lopi woodstove in the next couple of months and it will need a blower. I told him not bother buying the blower, I would buy two new blower motors from your company and install them in my other blower and he can put it on his stove. This a great American made product. Keep up the excellent craftsmanship.

  • Blower to fit Avalon Rainier 945 Class 990

    Posted by Mark H. on 09/10/2018

    Thank you again for your help. You guys are awesome to work with.

  • Thank You

    Posted by Mike F. on 03/08/2017

    How refreshing that on the Second ring a knowledgeable person answered the phone and was eager to assist. Thank you very much for all your assistance with our purchase of our new fireplace blowers. Your exemplary service is extraordinary and should be the standard for all businesses. The range and depth of your knowledge and insight afforded us significant help with the product identification and ease of installation, not to mention the terrific value compared to other companies. The new blowers are very quiet and efficient. Will be telling others about your company and surely Will be back to do business with you again.

  • Excellent Service

    Posted by Ken C. on 01/16/2017

    I am submitting this comment for your use on the reviews/customer comment page. This is an excellent customer focused company that responds rapidly to your questions and concerns; they process orders quickly and shipment is fast. Jason is simply fantastic and his efforts to meet the customer's needs is unsurpassed. I will always obtain my fireplace blower and replacement from Ken Canestrini

  • Thank You!!

    Posted by Richard F. on 01/11/2017

    Hi Terry, Thanks so very much for the instructions and pictures on how to install a FBK-250 in my Superior SLDVT-35NM fireplace. The instructions and pictures were spot on and likely saved me from doing things the wrong way! Thanks again for being so very helpful. The unit is installed and blowing lots of warm air into my family room at the moment.

  • Feedback and review

    Posted by John H. - 01/08/2017

    Support staff, We have just received and installed our GFK-160A Fireplace Blower in our Heat and Glow 550 fireplace. We did this as we purchased a similar blower for our Heat and Glow 6000 unit. Prior to installing that unit I went online on YouTube and watched your product demo and packaging video. It was of great help in the install of the blower. Then I researched your site and we decided to purchase the next from your operation and glad we did. It arrived in great shape and I had it installed within an hour of getting home from work. Excellent product and it was plug and play. Thank you very much. Oh, one other item, love the price also as we saved significantly and that is appreciated. Thanks again and we will recommend you guys to the newbies moving into the neighborhood.

  • recent blower pkg puchase

    Posted by Rick U. on 01/07/2017

    Thank you for you excellent blower with wiring., it cost less than a less desirable blower set up. Was very easy to install. Had to call with a question and my call was returned very quickly and professionally.

  • Thanks for a great product

    Posted by Brent H. - 01/06/2017

    I received my GFK-160 today. It took 35 minutes to install. It would have been 20, but I tie-wrapped up the wires to make it look nice..... I discovered my "Fan" outlet isn't working (troubleshot it using an extension cord), but it works fine in another outlet. No problems what so ever with the fan. That it comes completely pre-wired really speeds things up. Hints to anyone installing it themselves: Watch at least two videos: one on Installation, and the one on comparison to to other brands. This second one is necessary only to meet the people behind the product. Thanks for a great product.

  • Thank you from Amazon customer Scott H

    Posted by Scott H. on 01/06/2017

    Jason, Now you can say how wonderful it is to hear from me and mean it. Success! The new control unit works as expected and I now have a blower fan that turns on when it gets hot and turns off when it cools down. Thank you so much for all your help, a five-star review! Scott

  • Jason Kudos

    Posted by Steve W. - 12/29/2016

    Jason…. “Kudos” , this unit was so much better then the previous one I bot on some other web site ……. I had to send the first one back. But the one I bot from your Fireplace site was awesome ! Good quality, good instructions, went in like it was made for my fireplace, set it in place, plugged it in….and off and running. A nice quiet warm flow of air to warm up our family room ! Many thanks and Merry Christmas !

  • Youtube video

    Posted by D. Phillips on 10/24/2016

    Just wanted to say thanks for your promptness in resolving my defective temperature sensor issue! All is well now that I replaced that part! I will be sure to give you guys a 5 star rating on Amazon! Also wanted to mention my GZ550 is so quiet running ...well worth the extra $$ over the bargain units I saw! Hats off to you all! Thanks again for excellent service!

  • Harman Serenity II HB35

    Posted by Kyle on 10/06/2016

    Hello Jason - FYI, received the replacement blower today and after about an hour to install, everything works great! Five Stars to you and your company!

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