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1110 (N, P) vent-free gas stove


1127B vent-free gas heater


Wood insert


Wood insert


Wood insert


BR10ZC vent-free-gas fireplace


DV1000 direct vent fireplace


DV23ZC direct-vent zero clearance gas fireplace

Little John1

Little John wood stove

Little John
Model 181

Model 18 wood stove

Model 18
Model 191

Model 19 gas stove

Model 19
Model 206

Model 20 wood stove

Model 20
Model 212

Model 21 wood stove

Model 21
Model 243

Model 24 wood stove

Model 24
Model 262

Model 26 wood stove

Model 26
Model 2612

Model 261 wood stove

Model 261
Model 301

Model 30 gas stove

Model 30
Model 321

Model 32 gas fireplace

Model 32
Model 3271

Model 327 gas stove

Model 327
Model 3291

Model 329 gas stove

Model 329
Model 341

Model 34 vent-free gas fireplace

  • Model 34
  • Model 34 Contemporary
  • Model 34 Manhattan
Model 34
Model 361

Model 36 gas fireplace

Model 36
Model 3841

Model 384 gas stove

Model 384
Model 421

Model 42 gas fireplace

Model 42
Model 42ZCBB1

Model 42ZCBB zero clearance gas fireplace

Model 42ZCBB
Model 512

Model 51 wood stove

Model 51
Model 601

Model 60 gas stove

Model 60
Model 611

Model 61 gas stove

Model 61
Model 61TV1

Model 61TV gas stove

Model 61TV
Model 651

Model 65 gas stove

Model 65
Model 661

Model 66 gas stove

Model 66
Model 742

Model 74 wood stove

Model 74
Model 804

Model 80 wood stove

Model 80
Model 812

Model 81 wood stove and insert

Model 81
Model 852

Model 85 wood stove

Model 85
Model 915

Model 91 wood stove

Model 91
Model 94NC2

Model 94NC wood stove

Model 94NC
Model 80ZC0

Model 80ZC wood stove

Model 80ZC

T-33 vent-free gas stove

Townsend II1

Natural or liquid propane gas heater

  • Townsend II - CVFB200 (LP, NAT)
  • Townsend II DV
Townsend II
Townsend III1

Wood stove

  • Townsend III
Townsend III

Model ZCBB vent-free gas fireplace


Need help finding the correct blower or fan kit for your fireplace? Let our experts help you track down the correct replacement blower, fan kit or part for your application. We typically only need the fireplace or stove's make and model to determine exactly what you need. This information can usually be found on gas fireplaces by removing the lower access panel and finding your fireplace's name tag or identificaton card. Wood inserts will often times have the same identificaton card, while freestanding stoves and others might have this information printed on a rear panel or door.

Once you've located your fireplace's brand and model information, simply use the Find Your Blower tool above, or the Help Find My Blower at the top of the page.

Help Find My Blower

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