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OEM SIT (0820651) Millivolt Propane (LP) Gas Valve

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Ships to USA & Canada

Replacement propane (LP) SIT gas valve for vented HHT, IHP, Kingsman, Kozy, and Napoleon gas stoves, fireplaces, and inserts. Fits the following models:

Astria Gas Fireplace:

  • Altair 40DMP
  • Altair 45DMP
  • Altair 45DMP-B
  • Altair 40DMP-B
  • Gemini33TMP
  • Gemini33RMP
  • Gemini35DMP
  • Gemini40DMP
  • Gemini45DMP
  • Libra 40STDMP
  • Libra 40PFDMP
  • Libra 40CLDMP
  • Libra 40CRDMP
  • LSM40MP

Replaces Lennox part # 88J53
Replaces Lennox part number 88J5301
OEM IHP part

Astria Gas Log Sets:

  • MagniFlameOD24PM
  • MagniFlameOD30PM

Replaces IHP part # J6831, 14390, & 104496-02
OEM IHP part

Country Gas Stoves:

  • GBV40
  • GBV40DV
  • GL25DV

Replaces Lennox part # H3749
Replaces part number 10850057
OEM IHP part

Earth Stove Gas Stoves:

  • BayFire DVI
  • BayFire FS Europa
  • BayFire L
  • BayFire XL
  • GBV40

Replaces Lennox part # H3749
Replaces part number 10850057
OEM IHP part

Elite Gas Fireplaces:

  • EBVI25
  • ED3530CPM
  • ED4035 CPM
  • ED4035 FPM
  • ED4035CPM-2
  • ED4540 CPM
  • ED4540 FPM
  • ED4540CPM-2
  • EDCLPM-2
  • EDCRPM-2
  • EDPFPM-2
  • EDSTPM-2
  • EDT & EDR3530 CPM
  • EDT & EDR3530 FPM
  • EDVI25
  • EDV3530CPM
  • EDV4035CPM
  • EDV4540CPM
  • ELDV40PM
  • ELDV45PM

Replaces Lennox part # 88J53 and H3749
Replaces Lennox part number 88J5301, 10850057
OEM IHP part 88J53
OEM IHP part H3749

Enviro Gas Stoves:

  • 828
  • EG30

Replaces Enviro part # EC-005
OEM Enviro part 

FMI Gas Fireplaces:

  • (V)CD36RP
  • (V)CD36TP
  • (V)DVF36TCL(-HA)
  • (V)DVF36TCL
  • (V)DVF36TCR(E)
  • (V)DVF36TCR(-HA)
  • (V)DVF36TSTA-A(-HA)
  • (V)K36P
  • (V)K36PH
  • (V)T32P-A
  • (V)T32PB-A
  • (V)T32PR-A
  • (V)T32PRB-A
  • (V)V36P-B
  • (V)V42P
  • (V)V42PH
  • (V)V42PS
  • CD32M
  • CD32M-1
  • CD32M-2
  • CD32M-B
  • CD32P
  • CD36M-A
  • CD36M-A1
  • CD36M-A2
  • CD36M-B
  • CD36M-B2
  • CD36T-M
  • CD42M-A
  • CD42M-A2
  • CHDV36PR-C
  • CHDV42PR
  • CHDV42PR-B
  • CTDV36PR-A
  • CVDV42PR-M
  • DVF42KP
  • DVM36KP
  • DVM36TP
  • DVM36VP
  • DVM42VP
  • IKC36P
  • IKC42P
  • KC36P
  • KC42P
  • O36PRA
  • O36PRHA
  • O36PRRA
  • O36PRRHA
  • O42PRA
  • O42PRHA
  • O42PRRA
  • O42PRRHA
  • TC36P
  • V32PR-A
  • V42P-A
  • VC36P
  • VC42P
  • VCD36RP
  • VCD36TP
  • VKC36P
  • VKC36P1
  • VKC36PH1
  • VKC42P
  • VKC42P1
  • VKC42PH1
  • VO36PRA
  • VO36PRB
  • VO36PRHA
  • VO36PRHB
  • VO36PRRA
  • VO36PRRB
  • VO42PRA
  • VO42PRB
  • VO42PRHA
  • VO42PRHB
  • VO42PRRA
  • VO42PRRB
  • VT32P-A
  • VT32PB-A
  • VT32PRB-A
  • VTC36P
  • VTC36P1
  • VTC36PB1
  • VV36PC1
  • VV36PHC1
  • VV36PSC1
  • VV42PHB(1)
  • VVC36P
  • VVC36P1
  • VVC36PB1
  • VVC36PH1
  • VVC42P
  • VVC42P1
  • VVC42PB1
  • VVC42PH1

Replaces FMI part # J6831
Replaces part numbers 14390 & 104496-02
OEM IHP part

Harman Gas Stoves:

  • Clarity 929 B Vent
  • Clarity 929 DV
  • Clarity 828i Insert
  • Serenity II (HB35)
  • Serenity III (HB38)

Replaces HHT part # SRV230-0720
Replaces part numbers SRV37D0118, 52678, 37D0118, 230-0720, 31810, SRV571-501 & 3-40-82057 
OEM HHT part

Heat N Glo Gas Fireplaces:

  • 6000G
  • 6000GBV
  • 8000TR-OAK - Serial # 0021116425 and higher
  • 8000TV-OAK - Serial # 0021116948 and higher
  • AT-Z
  • BE-41C
  • CB - Pre February 2001
  • CFX-Grand
  • CFX-IN
  • CFX-ZC
  • DVI25S-LC
  • DVI35S-LC
  • FB-Grand-S
  • FB-IN-S
  • FB-ZC-S
  • Grand-XTS
  • HV-CDN
  • MTL-Insert
  • Mission - Bay
  • SL-350TRS-C - Serial # 0021080044 and higher
  • SL-350TRS-D
  • SL-550BE-B
  • SL-550TR-D - Serial # 0021076206 and higher
  • SL-550TR-E
  • SL-550TRS-E
  • SL-550TV-D - Serial # 0021076055 and higher
  • SL-750TR-D - Serial # 0021076251 and higher
  • SL-750TR-E
  • SL-750TRS-E
  • SL-750TV-D - Serial # 0021076242 and higher
  • SL-950TR-D - Serial # 0021076046 and higher
  • SL-950TR-E
  • SL-950TV-D - Serial # 0021076046 and higher
  • Supreme-XTS

Replaces HHT part # SRV230-0720 and 842-0230
Replaces part numbers SRV37D0118, 52678, 37D0118, 230-0720, 31810, SRV571-501 & 3-40-82057 
OEM HHT part SRV230-0720
OEM HHT part 842-0230

Heatilator Gas Fireplaces:

  • ADI60S
  • NDI30-SP
  • NDI30-SPFK
  • NDI35-SP
  • NDI35-SPFK
  • NOVi30 and NOVi30L
  • NOVi35 and NOVi35L
  • GDCL60 & GDCL60L - Serial # GA1549727 and higher
  • GDFL4136
  • GDST4336
  • ADVR3428
  • ADVT3428
  • CD4236MR & CD4236MLR
  • CD4236R & CD4236LR - Serial # GA1563745 and higher
  • CD4842MR & CD4842MLR
  • CD4842R & CD4842LR - Serial # GA1563745 and higher
  • GNTC50 & GNTC50B - Serial # GA1542189 and higher
  • NB3630 - Serial # GA1587915 and higher
  • NB3630M
  • NB3933 - Serial # GA1587915 and higher
  • NB3933M
  • NB4236 - Serial # GA1587915 and higher
  • NB4236M
  • NB4842 - Serial # GA1587915 and higher
  • NB4842M
  • NBV3630
  • NBV3933
  • NBV4236
  • NBV4842
  • ND3630 & ND3630L - Serial # GA1587914 and higher
  • ND3630M - Serial # GA1587914 and higher
  • ND3933 & ND3933L - Serial # GA1587914 and higher
  • ND3933M - Serial # GA1587914 and higher
  • ND4236 & ND4236L - Serial # GA1587914 and higher
  • ND4236M - Serial # GA1587914 and higher
  • ND4842 & ND4842L - Serial # GA1587914 and higher
  • ND4842M - Serial # GA1587914 and higher
  • NDV3630
  • NDV3933
  • NDV4236
  • NDV4842
  • ODY42 & ODY42L

Replaces HHT part # SRV230-0720
Replaces part numbers SRV37D0118, 52678, 37D0118, 230-0720, 31810, SRV571-501 & 3-40-82057 
OEM HHT part

Kingsman Gas Fireplaces:

  • FDV200
  • FDV300
  • FDV350
  • FDV451
  • FDV500
  • FV5000 (Serial # 2050 - 4740)
  • HBZDV3624
  • HBZDV3628
  • HBZDV3632
  • HBZDV4224
  • HBZDV4228
  • HBZDV4232
  • HBZDV4740
  • IDV26
  • IDV33
  • IDV36
  • IDV43
  • MCVP42
  • MCVST42
  • MDV30
  • MDV31
  • MDV38
  • MDV39
  • VFI25 (Serial # 25901 and lower)
  • VFI30 (Serial # 13930 and lower)
  • ZCV39
  • ZCV42
  • ZCV3622
  • ZCVRB3622
  • ZDV3320
  • ZDV3620
  • ZDV3622
  • ZDV3624
  • ZDV3624B
  • ZDV3628
  • ZDV3632
  • ZDV4224
  • ZDV4228
  • ZDV4232
  • ZDV6000
  • ZDVRB3622
  • ZRB46
  • ZV3600 (Serial # 36350 and lower)
  • ZV4200 (serial # 36350 and lower)

Replaces Kingsman part # 1001-P633SI
OEM Kingsman part

Kozy Gas Fireplaces:

  • CSK-335
  • CSK-335-RF
  • Duluth- 55801

Replaces Kozy part # 700-087A

Lennox Gas Stoves:

  • L20 BF
  • L20 DHF
  • L20 DVF
  • L30 BF
  • L30 BI
  • L30 DVF / L30 DHF

Replaces Lennox part # H3749
Replaces part number 10850057
OEM IHP part

Majestic Insta Flame Gas Stoves:

  • DVT52RP

Replaces HHT part # SRV230-0720
Replaces part numbers SRV37D0118, 52678, 37D0118, 230-0720, 31810, SRV571-501 & 3-40-82057 
OEM HHT part

Majestic Gas Fireplaces:

  • MERC32

Replaces HHT part # SRV230-0720
Replaces part numbers SRV37D0118, 52678, 37D0118, 230-0720, 31810, SRV571-501 & 3-40-82057 
OEM HHT part

Marquis Gas Fireplaces:

  • Atrium
  • Bentley
  • Bentley St
  • Capella 26
  • Capella 33
  • Capella 36
  • Capella IDV43
  • Cove
  • Gemini
  • Infinite
  • Serenity
  • Skyline MQRB3632
  • Skyline MQRB4236
  • Skyline ZCVRB3622
  • ZDVRB3622
  • ZRB46
  • Solace
  • Solara
  • Solara II

Replaces Kingsman part # 1001-P633SI
OEM Kingsman part

Merit Gas Fireplaces:

  • DT & DR3025 CPM
  • DT & DR3025 FPM
  • DT & DR3530 CPM
  • DT & DR3530 FPM
  • DT & DR4035 CPM
  • DT & DR4035 FPM
  • DT & DR4540 CPM
  • DT & DR4540 FPM
  • DTH & DRH3025 CPM
  • DTH & DRH3530 CPM
  • DTH & DRH4035 CPM
  • MPB-3328CPM
  • MPB-3530CPM
  • MPB35ST-PM
  • MPD-3530CPM
  • MPD35ST-PM
  • MPDR3328CPM
  • MPDT3328CPM

Replaces Lennox part # 88J53
Replaces Lennox part number 88J5301
OEM IHP part

Napoleon Gas Stoves:

  • BGD36
  • BGD36CF
  • BGD40
  • BGD42
  • BGD42CF
  • BGD48
  • BGNV36
  • BGNV40
  • GB20
  • GD15
  • GD16
  • GD17
  • GD25 - After Serial # 000852
  • GD27
  • GD33
  • GD36
  • GD40
  • GD45
  • GD70 StarFire Series 1S & -2S - After Serial # 10101
  • GD3200 - After Serial # 13021
  • GDI30
  • GS3500

Replaces Napoleon part # W725-0026
OEM Napoleon Part

Outdoor Lifestyles Gas Stoves:

  • ODGSR36A
  • ODGSR42A

Replaces HHT part # SRV230-0720
Replaces part numbers SRV37D0118, 52678, 37D0118, 230-0720, 31810, SRV571-501 & 3-40-82057 
OEM HHT part

Quadra-Fire Gas Stoves:

  • Castile Gas
  • Colbay-FS
  • Colbay-FS-B
  • Colbay-INS
  • Colbay-FS (Pre-Enhanced)
  • Colbay Insert (Pre 2003)
  • DV40 (Step Top)
  • DV-44
  • DV400S - Post serial # GA473459
  • DV400SL - Post serial # GA473459
  • DVi-32
  • Garnet (DV-250)
  • Garnet-MBK
  • Garnet-T
  • GB40I
  • GB40FS
  • GBDV-40
  • Hudson Bay FS (840-0340)
  • Hudson Bay
  • Hudbay-INS
  • I30SE-LC & I30SE (Affinity)
  • QFP30 (Remington)
  • QFP40 (Remington)
  • QV32B - Serial # 0021080519 and higher
  • QV32B-A - Serial # 0021080519 and higher
  • QV36B - Serial # 0021080519 and higher
  • QV36B-A - Serial # 0021080519 and higher
  • QV36DC-A
  • QVI30S
  • QVI35S
  • QVI-25FB-S
  • QVI-30FB-S
  • QVI-35FB-S
  • Sapphire
  • Sapphire (DV425S)
  • Sapphire 25 (DV425TR)
  • Sapphire 50 (DV450S)
  • Topaz

Replaces Quadra-Fire part # 842-0230 and SRV230-0720
Replaces part numbers SRV37D0118, 52678, 37D0118, 230-0720, 31810, SRV571-501 & 3-40-82057 
OEM HHT part 842-0230
OEM HHT part SRV230-0720

Serefina Gas Fireplaces:

  • CI1500DVF
  • CI1502DVF
  • CI1504DVF
  • CI1506DVF
  • CI1508DVF-2
  • CI2500DVF
  • CI2502DVF
  • CI2504DVF
  • CI2506DVF
  • CI2508DVF-2

Replaces Lennox part # H3749
Replaces part number 10850057
OEM IHP part

Signature Gas Fireplaces:

  • LSM40MP
  • LSM40MP-2
  • LSM45MP
  • LSM45MP-2+

Replaces Lennox part # 88J53
Replaces Lennox part number 88J5301
OEM IHP part

Superior Gas Fireplaces:

  • B-40REP
  • B-40RMP
  • BBV-36REP
  • BBV-36RMP
  • BBV-42REP
  • BBV-42RMP
  • BDM 35 Direct Vent MOBILE HOME
  • D500 CEP
  • D500 CMP
  • D600 CEP
  • D600 CMP
  • D800 CEP
  • DR-500CMP
  • D800 CMP
  • SDDV-35PM
  • SDDV-40PM

Replaces Lennox part # 88J53
Replaces Lennox part number 88J5301
OEM IHP part

Traditions Gas Fireplaces:

  • TG25DV
  • TG300DV

Replaces Lennox part # H3749
Replaces part number 10850057
OEM IHP part

Whitfield Gas Stoves:

  • Reflections II (WG2-II)
  • Vision 20 (V2BF)
  • Vision 20 (V2DHF)
  • Vision 20 (V2DVF)
  • Vision 30 (V3BF)
  • Vision 30 (V3DHF)
  • Vision 30 (V3DVF)
  • Vision 30 Insert (V3B1)

Replaces Lennox part # H3749
Replaces part number 10850057
OEM IHP part

OEM SIT part # 0820651

NOTE: This part is an OEM product direct from SIT Manufacturing Company.

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  • Can I install the blower myself?
    Yes, in most cases installation is a do-it-yourself job and requires little to no tools or experience. We're available by phone and email to support your installation, and we have a growing library of installation related content and videos available to you. You can find product related installation materials in our document center.
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    Absolutely! We offer a comprehensive 1 year warranty from the date of purchase that covers the entire blower or fan kit, including all accessories and components. Please see our warranty for additional information pertaining to coverage and how to file a claim.
  • How quiet are your blowers?
    This can be a difficult question to answer given the variables associated with blower noise. While we don't carry an official sone, dB or LP rating on our blowers, the blowers on their own are what we consider very quiet. We use extremely high quality Japanese sealed ball bearings and the construction of our blowers ensures smooth operation. However, noise from air movement, firebox resonation and room environment are all variables to consider. Remember that fireplace inserts are just metal boxes, so adding a blower that produces a significant amount of air flow, can give the impression that the blower is noiser than it really is. Some fireplace manufactures insulate their fireplaces better than others, which can also impact perceived noise. The addition of a variable speed controller or rheostat is an excellent way of controlling the RPM speed and air flow of the blower, thereby allowing for an effective method of reducing noise. Customers will often find a speed setting they're comfortable with. Others will prefer having control of the blower through a convenient wall-mounted variable speed dial. We would encourage you to watch some of our video content to get a better idea for how well the blowers are expected to perform and the noise you can expect from them.
  • Can I make customizations to the blower kit?
    Yes, in many cases we can! We offer a variety of accessories, including variable speed controllers, thermostat sensors, remote controls, high temperature wiring and more. So if you need something slightly out of the box or would simply like to add an additional accessory, we can often times accommodate your request. The exception to this might be on some of our more complicated or fully integrated kits. These might include OEM kits or specialized blower kit assemblies that require a specific configuration.
  • How does a blower's thermostat and rheostat work? Can I use a light dimmer switch?
    Thermostats, or limit switches, are heat sensitive sensors and are used in fireplace blower kit applications to automatically control when the blower turns on and off. They are most often used when a dedicated wall switch for the blower hasn't been installed or isn't available. However, they can still be used in home setups if a dedicated wall switch for the blower has been installed. In this case, the wall switch is left in the "ON" position and the thermostat sensor takes over control of the blower. Thermostat sensors come in several style, which will vary based on fireplace, installation location and temperature range.
    Rheostats, or variable speed controllers, are capacitance devices that regulate voltage and are what we refer to as TRIAC controllers. Voltage regulation is used to either reduce or increase the speed of the blower. A properly rated fan controller must be used in all fan kit applications. Light dimmers should not be used! While some light dimmers use TRIAC technology, they don't contain the necessary voltage regulation circuitry requied to operate an electric motor. Standard TRIAC light dimmers will cause fluctuations in current, which can damage an otherwise healthy electric motor. Newer light switches operate under a technology called VFD or Variable Frequency Drive. VFD devices control both voltage and frequency, which helps prevent light flickering, but most are not suitable for fan control. So it's important to use a variable speed control that is rated for fan and electric motor control. Both GE and Leviton have smart switches that are capable with fans, but must be used with a ZWave compatible hub in order to control them.
  • How can I confirm this blower will fit my fireplace?

    Most fireplace manufacturers recommend the use of a specific blower kit in their fireplace. The blower or fan kit recommended by the manufacturer can typically be found in your owner's or service manual. You can also use our helpful Find Your Blower tool at the top of the page to match your fireplace's brand and model to the correct blower kit. And finally, you can also reference the Does It Fit section in the description of every blower kit we sell, which itemizes the brands and models that each blower kit or replacement blower is compatible with. If you don't see your brand or model listed, please reach out to us directy by clicking the Ask an Expert button below, and one of our expert staff will reach out to you with assistance.

    Ask an Expert

  • What are the benefits of installing a blower?
    Adding a blower to a fireplace can signifcantly improve the heating efficiency of your fireplace! For additional information on the benefits of adding a fireplace blower, we would encourage you to read our How Does a Fireplace Blower Work? article.

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